Miwa Bunny Studios

Second Life based video and photography studio focused on creating ads, videos, short films and vlogs with a fashion perspective for personal and commercial use.

Miwa bunny studios

What we do

MBS or Miwa Bunny Studios specializes in photo and video with a fashion and at occasions boudoir work. We aim hard to present an elevated perspective to what Second Life Fashion can offer in all areas, from human to furry we are all about fashion and story telling.

MBS Films

Short studio films aimed to tell a story through image, movement and fashion.


For when you want to showcase a specific product(s) you've aiming to release or an event, or even a full fledged fashion showcase.

Dance Vlogs

Studio projects to showcase products our staff loves around the grid.

A new perspective

Fashion drives us

We are not the usual studio, we aim for a fresh perspective on Second Life Fashion, Machinima and the many residents SL has to offer.We love to showcase that fashion is not limited to just a few, but that it is an extension to who we are in this virtual world.

Chamaleonic Fascination

Our Staff and Collaborators

Composed of multifaceted and chamaleonic individuals, MBS thrives in looking for the best of the best.
With models like: Carley Benazzi, Wicca Merlin, Markski Glom, Ruvilyn Gatchie, Astara Moonblossom, Alyx J. Knightmare, Corbin Dinzel, Nhyxi, Soso and PunkinChu.
Our amazing collaborators: Drewski Hoxley, Sapphy Taffy, Nykyha Di'Tirin, PunkinChu and Kat Monroe.


Our Partners

These group of talented people have come together with us to help us with our projects and so we can also help them back.

Interested in us?


You can connect with us in our social media channels.
For inquiries, you can send a message to Miwa Bunny in-world or send an email to [email protected]

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MBS Team

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